Alternative Cancer Treatments for Breast Cancer

Alternative cancer treatments are therapies that are used instead of standard medical care. They can be dangerous in several ways: by depriving you of potentially life-saving conventional treatment, or by leading you to use substances that are in themselves harmful to your body.Alternative cancer treatments may adversely affect your health

It takes years of painstaking work to develop a treatment for cancer, and more years to prove beyond a doubt that it is effective and safe. From time to time, a new product suddenly appears, and is promoted as the new miracle cure, and an appealing alternative to standard medical treatment. Be very careful. Most of the time, the claims about alternative cancer treatments are founded on a few poorly documented cases of alleged “cures,” and sometimes on nothing but a promoter’s greed or ignorance.

If you are considering an alternative therapy, make sure to balance promotional information provided by sellers with objective, evidence-based information that you can obtain from your healthcare provider.

Tips for evaluating alternative cancer therapy claims:

• The product is advertised as a quick and effective cure-all.
• The promoters use words like “scientific breakthrough”, “miraculous cure”, “exclusive product”, “secret ingredient” or “ancient remedy”.
• The promoter claims the government, the medical profession or research scientists have conspired to suppress the product.
• The advertisement includes results that are “amazing” but undocumented.
• The product is advertised as available from only one source, and payment is required in advance.
• The promoter promises a no-risk “money-back guarantee.” Many won’t be around to respond to your request for a refund.