Intraoperative Electron Radiation Therapy

An exciting new way of delivering radiation therapy is intraoperative radiation therapy, or IOERT, (also called IORT). This procedure is preformed at the time of surgery, immediately after the tumor was removed from the breast. The radiation beam is aimed directly at the area of the tumor bed, while surrounding healthy tissues are moved aside to protect them from unneeded radiation.

prep-iortThe advantage of this method, that is still undergoing clinical trials, is that it can deliver the entire radiation treatment, or much of it, in a single dose, while you are still in surgery. You may still need external beam radiation, but for a much shorter time. For women who do not live near a radiation therapy facility, the decrease in travel is a great relief.

Avera Breast Center is at the forefront of implementing the use of IOERT in South Dakota. The Avera team has extensive experience with the use of radiation therapy during surgery, in combination with oncoplastic surgery. This innovative combination of techniques shortens your overall breast conservation therapy, while enabling the surgeon and the radiation oncologist to deliver the optimal dose of radiation directly to the tumor bed while you are still under anesthesia.

The use of the Mobetron device has revolutionized the quality of breast cancer care delivered at Avera Breast Center, and made a tremendous difference in patient satisfaction, setting Avera above other institutions in the area that do not have the flexibility to deliver radiation with this method.