You have many options for breast reconstruction. Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your decisions:

Synthetic Implants:

• Implants can be easily placed by most plastic surgeons.
• There is less surgery, less pain, shorter recovery, no additional scar, and less expense than with tissue flaps.
• They are not lifetime devices, and may rupture or need replacement.
• Implants may lead to capsular contracture, and misplacement.

Tissue Flaps:

• They are typically soft and normal-appearing.
• There is no artificial implant in the body.
• With some flaps, a “tummy tuck” is an added bonus.
• There is lengthy, extensive, and expensive surgery, with blood transfusions and considerable post-operative discomfort.
• There is an additional scar at the donor site.
• There is a risk of the flap “not taking.”

Immediate Reconstruction:

• You don’t have to wake up from mastectomy surgery without a breast.
• One surgery rather than two means lower cost, fewer problems from anesthetic and surgery, and less recovery time.

Delayed Reconstruction:

• Provides additional time to make reconstructive choices.
• For the woman undergoing chemotherapy, possibly decreases the chance of infection in the reconstruction area.